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NIANI SUKUTA is situated in niani district, Central River Region, The Gambia. It is surrounded by the villages of Barajally, Touba Jakaba and Kuntaur.

The population ranges from 2500 to 3000 people. The village is said to be several centuries old since established by the first settlers. For the past centuries, women and children in Sukuta has faced several devastating major health challenges such as Malaria, Diarrhea, Cholera(eradicated), Pregnancy related, Tuberculosis, various Skin Diseases and many more. These conditions forced many families to walk several kilometers to Kuntaur to seek for a better treatment, but due to lack of proper transportation and poor feeder road, many women will deliver their babies on their way. Sukuta has also experience significant increase in death of women in labor. In the picture shown below is the building built 50 year ago. The sole purpose of this building is allow women and children to meet with public nurses twice every month to discuss their health needs. this building has aged and is unable to serve its purpose any longer.






Niani Sukuta Health Center


Children getting their immunization shots by the community nurse.


Village women attending the monthly sensitization event on child health care conducted by the community nurses.

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The current situation of the clinic.